At Grip Equipment we believe in giving back to build a better world. We proudly donate a portion of our profits to the following incredible organizations:

edgeB-200x144 We donate a portion of our profits every year to E.D.G.E. to get Disc Golf into youth physical education programs to teach kids our wonderful sport and all of the life lessons it imparts.E.D.G.E. was developed by a group of World Champion disc golfers and subject matter experts to give educators and youth organization leaders the tools for teaching a fun, easy-to-learn lifetime sport to young people.


E.D.G.E. also links classroom subjects such as math, science, and civics to the sport, bringing those subjects into situations that will make learning come alive.


For more info visit: E.D.G.E. DISC GOLF

One4thePlanet_2-200x161 1% FOR THE PLANET was started in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard, founder and CEO of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies.


1% FOR THE PLANET is a growing global movement of over 1,200 member companies in 38 countries that donate 1% of their sales to environmental organizations worldwide.Each day, more than one new business joins the 1% FOR THE PLANET. As a network, the 1% community has become a global frontrunner in funding the work of environmental groups around the world.


For more info visit: ONE PERCENT FOR THE PLANET

daccord-200x200 The unifying philosophy of the Designers Accord is open source. We advocate inverting the traditional model of competition, and encourage sharing best practices so we can innovate more efficiently and quickly.We ask all adopters, supporters, and endorsers to engage in conversation about social and environmental impact with every client and customer, and integrate sustainable alternatives in their work.


We will create a real-world and online network to enable conversation about opportunities and challenges in creating sustainable products, services, and businesses.


All adopters, supporters, and endorsers follow a basic code of conduct: Do no harm; Communicate and collaborate; Keep learning, keep teaching; Instigate meaningful change; Make theory action.


Founder, Justin Atwater-Taylor, is a Supporter of the Designer’s Accord. Supporters are individuals (artists, freelance designers, students) making the guidelines relevant to their own personal practice.


For more info visit: THE DESIGNERS ACCORD