The GRIPeq Origin Series

A special GRIPeq disc release

GRIPeq™ was born in 2009 in the wildly creative and fiercely rebellious city of Lawrence, Kansas. During our growth from a small group of avid disc golfers to an internationally acclaimed brand, the heartland has served as the backdrop for everything GRIPeq does and stands for.

The GRIPeq Origin Series pays homage to our home state of Kansas. In this three-disc series, we share iconic symbols of the Wheat State through innovative and forward-looking designs. We love spreading the optimism, dedication, and sprit of our home throughout the world.

We are offering a range of molds in this series. Every disc is unique in foil and plastic color and there isn’t a single one we wouldn’t want in our own collections! For that reason, you’ll be picking your disc mold, but the color and 2-foil stamp will be random.

Ad Astra drivers

The Kansas state motto is “Ad Astra Per Aspera”, meaning “to the stars through difficulty”. It’s a sentiment as relevant on the disc golf course as it is in life.


Honeybee midranges

The state insect of Kansas is the honeybee, a tiny creature critical to our survival on Earth. There was no better mold for this than the Buzzz!


Sunflower putters

The sunflower, Kansas’ state flower, famously follows the sun across the sky each day. Putt confidently with your head held high.


Plastic and foil colors may vary from discs shown above.