Ohn Scoggins

Ohn Scoggins was born in Laos and started playing disc golf in 2010 soon after she moved to the US. Her husband Justin has been an avid disc golfer since 2000 and introduced her to the game. She learned to throw backhand and forehand shots from him, and was good at putting from the beginning; it wasn’t long before he was taking pointers on putting from her.

She has played on and off since then, making an appearance at the World Championships two years in a row in 2014 and 2015 where she placed fourth both times. She then took a break to go to school and work for a few years before deciding focus on disc golf again in 2020. This year, 2021, she has plans to tour all year for the first time, and is eager to compete with all the best players in the game rocking a grip bag – the best bag in the game.