Our Disc Golf Bags are DEVELOPED ON TOUR™ as a direct response to the needs of players and professionals in the thriving world Disc Golf scene.

Five years ago, Grip Equipment founder Justin Atwater-Taylor, began to give a new level of consideration to Disc Golf gear. The discs themselves were constantly improving but the rest of the equipment remained largely unchanged.

It was time for somebody to break through old ideas and make Disc Golf gear behave as it should. So he set about methodically observing, surveying, and interviewing players and professionals all over the world. He broke down all of the subtle tendencies and behaviors of Disc Golfers and their gear: what worked, what didn’t, and all the modifications and work arounds.

Justin took that information and designed an all-new Disc Golf Bag intended to improve the Disc Golf experience by reducing fatigue and distractions. He spatially reorganized the way that golfers carry their gear during play to provide intuitive functionality with optimum balance and weight distribution. Then he put it all together with the ergonomic Grip Equipment Torsoform™ back and strap system, creating a disc golf bag of unrivaled usefulness and comfort.

But that wasn’t enough. The prototype needed to be tested. So he put it on the backs of three of the world’s best players — 3x World Champion Valarie Jenkins3x World Champion Nate Doss, and 2009 World Champion Avery Jenkins. Together, they set out on tour to put this new disc golf bag through its paces.

They treated ‘em hard, used ‘em in all conditions, and scrutinized their every detail. Their observations and experiences helped refine the design so that the Grip Equipment Tour Bag would truly be the Disc Golfer’s best friend. The result is that our Tour Developed™, Tour Tested™ gear outperforms its competition in all conditions and effectively reduces fatigue and distractions, allowing you to focus on your game and have more fun!