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GRIPeq Disc Golf Bags

At GRIPeq, we design disc golf bags that provide complete comfort and durability for any course condition. In addition, our unbeatable customer support and a lifetime warranty are available for all skill levels, regardless of whether you’re a novice or a touring pro. Browse our collection with various models and designs, from disc golf backpacks to small disc golf bags, to find the perfect one for your game. We also offer discs and bag accessories to elevate your disc golf shopping experience.

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Touring Pros. Legends. Ambassadors.

The 2023 Team GRIPeq

GRIPeq is proud to sponsor a team of disc golfers that bring an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and expertise to the sport. This dynamic group of athletes come from all walks of life, but are unified in their love of the game. 

Many people at an EDGE disc golf event all throw discs into a disc golf basket at once.

GRIPeq’s Vision Extends Beyond the Sport

Since 2009, GRIPeq has been a leading manufacturer of disc golf bags and accessories, but part of our mission has always been to give back to the disc golf community. We connect disc golf with non-profit initiatives and partner with leading organizers such as Throw Pink, Educational Disc Golf Experience, and the Paul McBeth Foundation. We aim to transform and grow the sport, knowing it takes more than solely creating products that benefit player performance. View more about what fuels our passion for disc golf here!

The GRIP-EQ Blog

Disc Golf Resources for Every Player

Disc golf is a welcoming and inclusive sport, and we want to help keep it that way! That’s why we offer a variety of guides and resources to help disc golfers of all skill levels reach their full potential on the course. We’ve got your back!

Our comprehensive blog covers everything from choosing the right discs and bags, to mastering the basics of throwing, to updates on our professional disc golf team members. For more experienced players, we offer guides on advanced techniques and deeper dives into the game of disc golf.

Whatever your level of experience, GRIPeq is here to help you get game-changing results.

Team GRIPeq: 2024 All-Star Weekend

The 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour Season started with major Team GRIPeq highlights, even with the gloomy weather. An ace, throw-ins, and wins all took over our TVs as we watched our Team play
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Customer Service

We care about our customers and aim to provide the best customer service in the game! Reach out if you ever have a question or comment.

Product Guarantee

After nearly 15 years of making the top disc golf bags, we believe our bags are the most durable, functional, and highest-quality bags in the sport.

Lifetime Warranty

The GRIPeq warranty covers our disc golf bags from defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the bag. If your bag’s issue is due to material or workmanship failure, we will make it right.

The GRIPeq Guarantee

A back view of someone wearing a black GRIPeq AX5 bag on their back. There is a keychain hanging from one of the zippers and the bag is full of discs with the front flap open and tucked inside.
The GRIPeq wordmark

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