Here at GRIPeq, one of the things that draws us to the sport of disc golf is being out in nature and all of the benefits that it brings. For that reason, we aim to keep our planet healthy for all future generations of disc golfers.

ReGRIP is our Repurpose and Reclaim program that allows us to keep bags with minor defects in play and out of landfills. These bags are still brand new and in playable condition. Typically, these bags have logo defects, broken seams, or bags we brought back to life in one way or another.

Bags marked with the unique reGRIP logo are still 100% playable and built to last, though not eligible for our lifetime warranty. By partnering with charitable organizations and disc golf outreach efforts, we hope these bags will make their way onto the course while supporting and promoting the sport. We will be donating our first round of bags to uPlay to provide youth players with high quality equipment as they begin their journey into disc golf.