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GRIPeq is proud to sponsor a team of disc golfers that bring an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and expertise to the sport. This dynamic group of athletes come from all walks of life, but are unified in their love of the game. From our Touring Team of elite professionals to sport-defining fan-favorites on the Legends Team to our exciting and energetic Ambassador Team, these disc golfers are united by their dedication to disc golf and love for the culture of the sport. Whether you’re watching their thrilling play at tournaments or discussing techniques off the course, Team GRIPeq is always ready to put their skills to the test and have a blast while doing it.

Touring Team

Team GRIPeq member, Paul McBeth, gets ready for a forehand shot with a disc in-hand.

Paul McBeth

Paige Pierce

Chris Dickerson

Team GRIPeq member Missy Gannon looks intently off screen with a disc in hand as she prepares a backhand throw.

Missy Gannon

Team GRIPeq member, Simon Lizotte, gets ready to tee off with a disc in-hand.

Simon Lizotte

Team GRIPeq member Ohn Scoggins raises her arm in the air as she keeps her eyes on the disc that she just threw.

Ohn Scoggins

Eagle McMahon, wearing sunglasses, pumps his arms and smiles.

Eagle McMahon

Eveliina Salonen pulls her arm back in preparation for a backhand throw.

Eveliina Salonen

Team GRIPeq member Kyle Klein walking with a sand GRIPeq BX3 bag slung over his shoulder.

Kyle Klein

Henna Blomroos, with an outstretched arm and fingers after just releasing a putted disc. She is looking in the direction of the putt.

Henna Blomroos

Team GRIPeq member Adam Hammes wearing a GRIPeq flat bill hat and looking off towards the left side of the frame.

Adam Hammes

A headshot of Team GRIPeq member, Alexis Mandujano as she looks slightly towards the left side of the frame.

Alexis Mandujano

A profile view of Anthony Barela as he holds two discs in his hands and prepares to putt.

Anthony Barela

Headshot of Jennifer Allen as she looks off to the left side of the frame.

Jennifer Allen

A headshot of Ben Callaway. He is smiling, looking slightly to the left side of the frame.

Ben Callaway

Team GRIPeq member Holly Finley smiling, looking over her shoulder with her GRIPeq bag on her back.

Holly Finley

A close up shot of Jessica Weese, looking slightly upward from below with trees behind her.

Jessica Weese

A shot of Austin Turner smiling at the camera, wearing a Discraft beanie.

Austin Turner

A head shot of Cynthia Ricciotti, looking off the left side of the frame.

Cynthia Ricciotti

Silas Schultz looking off the right side of the frame, watching a disc that he just released.

Silas Schultz

A front-facing view of Patrick Brown as he throws a tee shot off the tee pad.

Patrick Brown

A side shot of Team GRIPeq member Scott Withers as he lines up a putt.

Scott Withers

A close-up image of Evan Scott from the front right as he throws a disc.

Evan Scott

Team GRIPeq member Ali Smith headshot

Ali Smith

Legends Team

Avery Jenkins throwing a putt. The disc golf basket chains are in the foreground.

Avery Jenkins

A headshot of Team GRIPeq member, Valarie Jenkins.

Valarie Jenkins

A headshot of Team GRIPeq member, Nate Doss.

Nate Doss

Joe Rovere just releasing a disc after a throw.

Joe Rovere

Steve Brinster putting with the basket in the foreground.

Steve Brinster

A headshot of Team GRIPeq member Jay Reading.

Jay Reading

Ambassador Team

A headshot of Brian Earhart looking off to the left side of the frame.

Brian Earhart

Jo Henderson holding a disc at the camera and smiling. She's wearing an Approachable Podcast hat.

Jo Henderson

Leighton Brinster looking at the camera. He's wearing a sand GRIPeq trucker hat.

Leighton Brinster

Jenny Umstead getting ready to throw a disc golf disc.

Jenny Umstead

Philip-Tyler Belt putting with a disc. Two men stand behind him under an umbrella to shade them from the sun.

Phillip-Tyler Belt

A headshot of Nikko Forbes.

Nikko Forbes

Join Team GRIPeq

We are always scouting courses to find passionate, up and coming golfers to join our team of sponsored players. Think you have what it takes to be part of the GRIPeq pro team? Each year, we open applications for players to show their interest in a GRIPeq sponsorship for the upcoming season.

We have finalized our team for 2023. If you are interested in joining the team for next year, please check back when we reopen our applications later in the year.

A back view of someone wearing a black GRIPeq AX5 bag on their back. There is a keychain hanging from one of the zippers and the bag is full of discs with the front flap open and tucked inside.
The GRIPeq wordmark

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