The Highest Quality, World Premier Disc Golf Bags

Since 2009, GRIPeq has been committed to creating durable, quality disc golf bags that support the sport and the player that carries them.

One of the Most Recognizable, Desirable Brands in Disc Golf

Designed by disc golfers, our bags are feature-packed and built for performance and comfort. Whether you are a recreational player or a touring professional, we have a bag to meet every player’s needs. Backed by a lifetime warranty, GRIPeq disc golf bags will keep you in the game for years to come.

World’s Premier Disc Golf Bag

Our disc golf bags are set apart by high-quality materials and construction, resulting in durable, structurally sound bags that are sturdy enough to withstand all the elements. Every bag is thoughtfully designed with a variety of pockets and expandable storage for you to pack all the essentials. Ergonomic shoulder straps and high-density padding provide unparalleled comfort and allow you to carry it all with ease.

The GRIPeq Pro Team

From world champions to passionate young players to groundbreaking women in disc golf, the GRIPeq pro team consists of nearly 30 professional athletes who proudly carry our bags around the world. We design our products with unrivaled quality to meet the needs of these elite athletes.

GRIPeq Disc Golf Bags

GRIPeq is proud to be acknowledged internationally as the designer of the premier disc golf bag. Established in 2009, our passion for player-centric design, unparalleled product quality, and responsive customer service has made us one of the most recognizable, desirable brands in disc golf worldwide.

We Have a Passion for Disc Golf

Our bags were designed for disc golf by people passionate about the sport. We are excited to be part of this growing community that is accessible and welcoming. GRIPeq continues to serve the disc golf community through tournament sponsorship and charitable partnerships.


GRIPeq is thrilled to be at the forefront of one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, which is why we partner with a growing network of nearly 200 authorized resellers and major distributor partners worldwide. We share a common respect for disc golf and its athletes and are committed to its growth around the globe.