Nate Doss

Nate Doss first saw the sport of disc golf on a local public access show in Santa Cruz. He first played at DeLaveaga Disc Golf Course with his dad in 1992. He received his first disc from Marty Hapner (Pink Roc) and attended the 1998 Am Worlds in Appleton, Wisconsin with ‘Steady” Ed Headrick (finished 7th in Juniors under 16) and later won the 1999 Junior World Championship in Kansas City.

He turned pro in 2000 at just 15 years old. Doss began going on tour in 2003 and has won three disc golf world championships (2005, 2007, 2011). He is the first professional disc golfer to appear on ESPN’s SportsCenter’s Top 10 and became the lead Men’s Expert Commentator on the Disc Golf Pro Tour in 2018. Together with his partner, Valarie Jenkins, he started Bevel Craft Brewing in 2018.