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Staying Ahead of the Game: Recent Trends in Disc Golf

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Staying updated with the latest trends in disc golf can be difficult as rules change annually, companies expand, and professional disc golfers switch sponsors. We’re here to provide you with all the latest information on what’s trending in the sport to help you stay ahead of the game.

Disc Golf Technology

The top trending topic in disc golf is the advancements in technology. Rangefinders have become increasingly popular in the sport over the last few years. Moreover, disc golf manufacturers have introduced new plastic types to keep up with the latest trends. However, one item that stands out above all others this year is the TechDisc.

This technology is affixed to a disc and can measure your throws’ angles, speed, and spin. It sends this data to you and stores it, allowing you to track trends in your throws over time. Additionally, it features a simulation function, which enables you to identify areas in your throwing technique that need improvement to achieve optimal performance in your form.

Team GRIPeq member Macie Velediaz.

The TechDisc is the latest trend in disc golf as of early 2024, and it has gained significant attention amongst both professionals and amateurs. However, it’s challenging to find as this technology is only available for pre-order. You can only use TechDisc on the disc that the company has chosen to get it permanently affixed to, and your choices are Distance Driver, Fairway, Midrange, and Putter. This implies that it may not be available in your favorite mold. Regardless, this product provides disc golf players with a simple way to assess their form without the need for a coach. Improving your throwing technique is as easy as throwing the disc into a net or field and monitoring your progress through the app.

Disc Golf Apparel

Next in trending is disc golf apparel! Professional disc golfers like Paul McBeth have even started creating their own sunglass lines. In addition, athletic clothing companies are sponsoring players and producing disc golf jerseys. This has kept the disc golf community excited as more and more amateurs and pros are being sponsored and representing their own jersey lines.

GRIPeq team member Kyle Klein lining up a shot at a tournament.

We have also noticed the rise of disc golf shoes tailored specifically for disc golfers. Paige Pierce, a member of Team GRIPeq, has partnered with Idio Sports and created her shoe line. We have observed many pro players discussing their footwear choices for disc golf, whether opting for popular hiking shoes such as Addis Terrex or shoes explicitly tailored for disc golf.  

Tour Series and Pro Disc Lines

It’s no surprise that a disc with a pro’s name on it has a higher value than a stock disc. However, Tour Series discs are still among the best-selling discs in the market and always seem to be trending. Recently, Eagle McMahon switched to MVP Disc Sports, and his first disc with them, the Prism Proton Envy, has generated interest among those who don’t typically carry that brand. We’re also excited to see what the latest Team GRIPeq pros are throwing, and we look forward to seeing their 2024 tour discs as the season progresses!

Organizing Your Disc Golf Gear

It’s important to keep your mind clear and focused while playing disc golf. One way to achieve this is by organizing your disc golf bag! GRIPeq has developed disc dividers that allow you to customize your disc space. You can arrange your discs by speed, color, or brand. If you carry fewer discs, you can use the empty space between dividers to store extra beverages, layers, or disc golf gear. This way, you can have all your essentials in one place and enjoy the game without worrying about misplacing anything.

It’s always a good idea to keep your disc golf gear organized. You can also use the D-Rings on your bag to hang towels, store important items like your phone or headphones in the front valuables pocket, and use the mini disc pockets to keep your mini in the same spot before making any pressure putts!

A large disc divider in a GRIPeq bag with discs and a 6-pack of cans in the compartments.

Live Disc Golf

The last trending topic in disc golf is none other than live disc golf. Over the last few years, tournament winnings have increased, and the sport’s popularity has grown, with the largest bump seen after COVID. At the most recent Tour Championships in 2023, the FPO and MPO field saw the largest total purse in disc golf history of $322,000 being awarded.

We continue to see significant platforms like ESPN showing interest in collaborating with our sport. On Sunday, February 5th, 2023, ESPN2 broadcasted the 2022 DGPT Championships which garnered 123,000 views. Additionally, we are pleased to see the participation of major sponsors such as Barbasol and LL Bean for DGPT and PDGA events.

Paul McBeth mid-throw during a Disc Golf Pro Tour tournament.

Have you been to a live Disc Golf Pro Tour or PDGA Major event? Check out the 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour Schedule to see if an event is coming to your area here:

A back view of someone wearing a black GRIPeq AX5 bag on their back. There is a keychain hanging from one of the zippers and the bag is full of discs with the front flap open and tucked inside.
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