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Team GRIPeq: 2024 All-Star Weekend

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The 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour Season started with major Team GRIPeq highlights, even with the gloomy weather. An ace, throw-ins, and wins all took over our TVs as we watched our Team play live disc golf for the first time since late last year. Read up on all the highlights below.

Team GRIPeq: All-Star Skills Competition

Team GRIPeq had an impressive start to the year, representing a win in all the skills competition categories. Anthony Barela won the MPO distance skill category with a remarkable 713′ shot, demonstrating his unbeatable skills in long-range throws.

Team GRIPeq member, Jessica Weese, lines up a putt with disc in hand.

In the FPO accuracy competition, Team GRIPeq pros Jesica Weese and Ali Smith had a close competition in the finals. Ali made a strong start, hitting the bottom koozie on the basket and earning multiple points in the bullseye range. However, in the end, Jessica Weese demonstrated remarkable skill and consistency, which helped her secure the victory. Lastly, Ohn Scoggins won the FPO putting competition, which was not surprising considering her outstanding track record in putting stats over the years.

Team GRIPeq: Doubles and Singles Battles

Starting your disc golf touring season with an ace is probably the best way to kick things off with a bang! And that’s exactly what Henna Blomroos did during the doubles competition last Saturday. She effortlessly managed a blind 329′ skip ace on hole 3, followed by a birdie to make an impressive start. Congratulations to Henna for scoring the first official Disc Golf Pro Tour ace of the season and starting off strong!

Another notable highlight was Macie Velediaz’s side-arm throw-in on hole one of the singles battle. It was great to see Macie and her partner rocking the GRIPeq bag and throwing powerful shots with her new 2024 disc golf manufacturer sponsor, DGA. We can’t wait to see what else she can accomplish with her new gear this season!

Team GRIPeq member Anthony Barela walks across the course, looking towards the ground with a pink GRIPeq BX3 slung over one shoulder.

You can check out all the Team GRIPeq doubles and singles wins below or view a more detailed list of the full event on the DGPT site here.

Missy Gannon/Handley won with a -9 round.
Ali Smith/Hansen won with a -10 round. 
Jessica Weese/Henna Blomroos won with a -5. 

Missy Gannon won with a +2 round. 
Macie Velediaz won with a +4 round. 
Henna Blomroos won with a +2 round. 
Kyle Klein won with an even round.
Anthony Barela won with a +1 round.

*Due to inclement weather, the Disc Golf Pro Tour had to make some adjustments to the All-Star Weekend competition for the safety of players. On Saturday, the FPO doubles round completed the full safari loop, which means two loops of the same nine holes. However, the MPO doubles rounds that took place on Saturday afternoon were shortened to only one loop of nine holes. Similarly, on Sunday, the singles rounds for both FPO and MPO were also shortened to one loop of nine holes each.

It was a tough match between GRIPeq Pros Ohn and Missy, who were both Team Captains. Despite both teams putting up a good fight in the rainy and muddy conditions of Florida, in the end, it was Team Missy who emerged victorious. Congratulations to all our GRIPeq touring favorites for their hard work and effort, keeping us entertained throughout the All-Star Weekend events. 

The 2024 Invitational will be covered live starting this Friday on DGN, using the same course as the All-Star battles for the first Disc Golf Pro Tour tournament. Stay tuned to DGN for more live disc golf!

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