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How to Choose the Right Disc Golf Bag for Your Playing Style

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Need help determining what type of disc golf bag will work best for your playing style? We’re here to help; you can find all the tips and tricks for upgrading your disc golf bag here.

Bag Style: Shoulder Strap vs. Backpack

When upgrading to your next disc golf bag, one of the easiest decisions to make is how you want to carry it on the course. There are two main types of bags to choose from: over-the-shoulder and backpack. Shoulder bags are smaller and can be quickly transitioned between throws since they easily slide off the shoulder. They are also lighter due to their smaller size and capacity. Our G2 Series bag is a single-shoulder disc golf bag perfect for those needing a quick travel bag. It’s also great for kids and junior competitors due to its smaller size.

Backpack-style bags, however, can hold more discs and have more storage space. They are worn like a traditional backpack, and our GRIPeq bags have ample shoulder padding to ensure you stay comfortable on the course. We also include chest straps with every backpack bag, which will come in handy when carrying the bag during strenuous rounds or on courses with many elevation changes.

Disc Capacity: How Many Discs Do You Bag?

To guarantee you have the ideal number of discs for your game, it’s crucial to carry a disc golf bag that has the capacity to hold them all. Consider the terrain of the course you’ll be playing on and any potential obstacles, such as water or high grass, that could cause you to lose a disc. It’s always wise to bring along an additional disc, just in case. At GRIPeq, you can effortlessly peruse through bags sorted by disc capacity. This makes locating a bag that meets all your disc golf needs effortless. If you’re uncertain about the number of discs you use while playing, take a moment during your next round and keep a count.

A sand GRIPeq BX3 bag sits next to a player, loaded with discs.

Playing Style: Touring vs. Casual Disc Golfer

When upgrading your disc golf bag, it’s important to consider how you’ll be using it. Suppose you frequently tour and compete in events. In that case, a larger bag with expandable side pockets and the ability to hold more discs may be the best option. Our Team GRIPeq pros typically use the AX5 and BX3 bags while on tour. The expandable side pockets on those bags make it so all their tournament gear can be carried, including a Bushnell, extra layers, snacks, and more. They can also fit more discs in the bag to keep duplicates and backups on hand, ready for any situation the course and competition throws their way. 

If you’re looking for a casual bag to play a round with friends now and then, a smaller bag that fits only the essentials may be perfect so you’re always ready for a spontaneous game with your disc golf buddies. Smaller bags are great for courses that involve hiking, as they will be lighter to carry around, keeping your mind and body at ease and ready for your next shot. 

Be sure to find a bag that matches your personal style, too! You’ll be surprised at how much your favorite color will cheer you up on the course, or personalize your bag with a fun velcro patch so you can always put yourself in a good mood. Disc golf is about being outdoors and enjoying the nature that surrounds you, make sure you’re always having fun and you’ll feel better about your game. 

A back view of someone wearing a black GRIPeq AX5 bag on their back. There is a keychain hanging from one of the zippers and the bag is full of discs with the front flap open and tucked inside.
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