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The Simon Line AX5 disc golf bag is the latest addition to the GRIPeq Signature Series. It comes in two colorways and represents Simon’s new brand, inspired by his desire to think outside the box.

Simon Lizotte

Throughout his career, Simon Lizotte has been with two different disc manufacturers, earned himself 79 career wins to this day, and has been enjoying life with his wonderful family in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. One of Simon’s local disc golf courses is Maple Hill, the number one rated course on UDisc today, and home of the MVP Open Disc Golf Pro Tour Event. Although he currently has a home in the US, Simon is from Bremen, Germany in addition to holding citizenship status in Canada.

Simon’s YouTube presence has gained him incredible traction in the disc golf world. He currently has 193K subscribers and 166K Instagram followers, one of the largest disc golf followings from brands and players alike. His YouTube vlogs are his most popular content, where he typically narrates a round of disc golf or competes against a friend on the course. He’ll occasionally feature other GRIPeq Teammates, including Paul McBeth and Eagle McMahon.

Team GRIPeq member, Simon Lizotte, gets ready to tee off with a disc in-hand.

The Simon Line

When you play a round of disc golf, you’re taking risks while deciding your shot-shaping strategies on the fairway. Trees, wind, and the environment affect how far a shot can go. Approaching the game of disc golf using the Simon Line means you change your standard script inside your head, find the line no one takes, and make the shot. Maybe that shot is shooting over a treeline, or perhaps it’s simply running the basket. There are no limits to what you can do when choosing your own adventure and thinking creatively.

The new Signature Series bag release from Simon Lizotte, Thought Space Athletics, and GRIPeq showcases Simon’s new logo, born out of his desire to think creatively and explore new ideas beyond the conventional norms. This branding symbolizes “no limits” and is inspired by the famous traffic signs on the German autobahn meaning “End of all Restrictions.” You can learn more about Simon’s inspiration behind this new logo in his YouTube video called “THIS DISC WILL CHANGE MY LIFE!!!”. This video also features his first MVP Simon Line disc, Timelapse, a 12 speed distance driver. 

A hand pulling a disc out of a Simon Lizotte signature series Simon Line AX5 bag.

Simon's Latest GRIPeq Signature Series AX5

Back in full force, Thought Space Athletics and Simon have collaborated with GRIPeq to create the next version of Simon’s Signature Series GRIPeq bag. The Simon Line AX5 will be released on September 21st, 2023, right along with his MVP disc line introduction. This bag features Simon’s new logo, his signature, and includes all the great Tour Bag disc golf features of the GRIPeq AX5. These features include a four-putter adjustable putter pocket, slip sleeve for an umbrella or disc retriever, and a full-width velcro field. And for this release, his Signature Series GRIPeq disc golf bag will be available in two colorways: Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green.

The beginning of this new chapter in Simon’s career is exciting for all his fans and followers. We couldn’t be more proud to see all the success Simon has earned after many years of hard work on the course and behind the camera, entertaining the disc golf community. 

Team GRIPeq member Simon Lizotte kneels in the forest with a disc in hand, preparing to putt.

In addition to his Signature Series disc golf bag, a limited number of Simon Line x GRIPeq FlexFit hats will be available. You can purchase these in the S/M and L/XL FlexFit sizing and feature GRIPeq and Simon Line logo embroidery in white on the blue cap.

Simon Lizotte Flexfit Nu hat - side angle

And exclusively on, an Axiom Fission Proxy will be included with Simon Line bag orders while supplies last. This is the second run of Fission Proxy’s and the first to have the Simon Line logo. The Proxy shares the Envy mold’s core, providing the same low-profile feel and solid grip. The Proxy sets itself apart with a remarkably straight forward-fading finish. High-speed turn potential allows the Proxy’s lines to be manipulated over a broad range of power. 

Each Fission Proxy will feature Simon’s new logo as a black stamp on the disc. Disc colors will vary and will be randomized throughout the first couple hundred orders.

The Simon Lizotte signature series bag in emerald green. The bag is loaded with discs and has an MVP Fission Proxy disc in front.

Find your Simon Line GRIPeq AX5 disc golf bag at the link here while supplies last. 

A back view of someone wearing a black GRIPeq AX5 bag on their back. There is a keychain hanging from one of the zippers and the bag is full of discs with the front flap open and tucked inside.
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