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April 17, 2024

Team GRIPeq: 2024 Texas State Disc Golf Championship

The Texas Swing ended with big excitement as AB became the first repeat winner of the 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour! Read about all the Team GRIPeq standings below for the last Texas event of the year.  Team GRIPeq: MPO The year of AB. An unofficial 1106-rated second round kept him six strokes ahead of…

April 2, 2024

Team GRIPeq: 2024 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championships

This year, a total of 347 women from 21 different divisions competed in the US Women’s Disc Golf Championship (USWDGC) held in the Austin, Texas area. Team GRIPeq had 14 players in the field, with four of those divisions represented. Find out below how the team competed.  Team GRIPeq: FPO Big MAJOR Missy earned her…

March 19, 2024

Team GRIPeq: 2024 The Open at Austin

A lightning delay, rain, and a new layout at Harvey Penick doesn’t stop Team GRIPeq! Hear how records were broken by our pros at the second Texas event of the 2024 DGPT season.  Team GRIPeq: FPO What a weekend for record-breaking excitement! Congratulations to our very own Team GRIPeq pro, Ohn Scoggins, for taking down…

March 12, 2024

Team GRIPeq: 2024 DGPT+ Prodigy Presents WACO

The 2024 Texas Swing has begun! WACO brought the wind, rain, and action during this first DGPT+ event of the year; read the Team GRIPeq highlights below.  Team GRIPeq: FPO Ohn Scoggins had a solid 2nd place finish from the chase card, throwing a hot -4 on the back nine of the final stretch of…

February 27, 2024

Team GRIPeq: 2024 Invitational Presented by Discraft

The 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour Season kicked off with the first Elite Series event in Brooksville, Florida! Here are all the top Team GRIPeq highlights from the event.  Team GRIPeq: FPO The Queen of Olympus and your 2024 FPO champion is Team GRIPeq pro Eveliina Salonen! Eveliina played consistently over this three-day…

February 19, 2024

Team GRIPeq: 2024 All-Star Weekend

The 2024 Disc Golf Pro Tour Season started with major Team GRIPeq highlights, even with the gloomy weather. An ace, throw-ins, and wins all took over our TVs as we watched our Team play live disc golf for the first time since late last year. Read up on all the highlights below. Team GRIPeq: All-Star…

February 16, 2024

Staying Ahead of the Game: Recent Trends in Disc Golf

Staying updated with the latest trends in disc golf can be difficult as rules change annually, companies expand, and professional disc golfers switch sponsors. We’re here to provide you with all the latest information on what’s trending in the sport to help you stay ahead of the game. Disc Golf Technology The top trending topic…

February 1, 2024

The 2024 GRIPeq Touring Team

Team GRIPeq: Touring Team Our GRIPeq Touring Team subject our disc golf bags to the ultimate test by competing weekly and traveling across the globe to participate in the most prestigious events. The skilled professional disc golfers below understand the importance of having the best equipment to perform at their best, and we are proud…

January 23, 2024

The 2024 GRIPeq Legends Team

Team GRIPeq: Legends Team These individuals have dedicated their lives to disc golf, achieving numerous career wins, designing amazing courses, establishing successful media careers, and running successful non-profits. Their talents have not gone unnoticed, and they have played a significant role in shaping the disc golf community as we know it today. GRIPeq is proud…

January 23, 2024

The 2024 GRIPeq Ambassador Team

Team GRIPeq: Ambassador Team Below you’ll read about spirited, energetic, and positive disc golfers from all around North America. They make up our Ambassador Team. These athletes compete, create disc golf content, and spread the joy of the sport. They also believe that our disc golf bags are top-quality and the best in the game,…

January 19, 2024

The 2024 GRIPeq Junior Team

Team GRIPeq: Junior Team These passionate kids and young adults, full of talent and pro disc golf potential, are competing for wins while representing GRIPeq. They firmly believe in the quality and utility of our disc golf bags and are able to wear them comfortably, even at a young age. The 2024 GRIPeq Junior Team…

December 7, 2023

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Beginner

GRIPeq 2023 Disc Golf Holiday Gift Guide: For the Beginner Disc Golfer We’re here to help you find all the holiday disc golf gifts on your list! Check out our recommendations below for all your beginner disc golf friends’ holiday shopping needs. GRIPeq CS2: Where Simple Meets Durable If you think back to when you first…

November 30, 2023

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Weekend Warrior

GRIPeq 2023 Disc Golf Holiday Gift Guide: For the Weekend Warrior Disc Golfer With the holidays just around the corner, we’re here to give you a grip on your shopping lists. Take a look at our awesome 2023 disc golf gift ideas for that friend who can’t stop talking about and playing disc golf! GRIPeq BX3:…

November 9, 2023

2023 Holiday Gift Guide: For the PRO

GRIPeq 2023 Disc Golf Holiday Gift Guide: For the Pro Disc Golfer The holidays are quickly approaching, and we want to help you get ahead of the game. Check out our 2023 disc golf gift ideas for your pro disc golf buddy below. GRIPeq AX5: Our Flagship Professional Touring Bag If you know a professional disc…

October 25, 2023

Building a Disc Golf Community: How to Connect with Other Disc Golfers

With disc golf’s growing popularity, many clubs and leagues have emerged in recent years. This article will discuss how you can meet fellow disc golfers and become a part of your local disc golf community. Disc Golf Clubs If you’re new to disc golf and looking for guidance or just a friend to play with,…

September 21, 2023

The Simon Lizotte “Simon Line” Signature Series AX5

The Simon Line AX5 disc golf bag is the latest addition to the GRIPeq Signature Series. It comes in two colorways and represents Simon’s new brand, inspired by his desire to think outside the box. Simon Lizotte Throughout his career, Simon Lizotte has been with two different disc manufacturers, earned himself 79 career wins to…

August 16, 2023

GRIPeq G-Series Bag: Tips on Utilizing the Perfect On-The-Go Bag

GRIPeq G and G2 Series bags are the perfect grab-and-go bag for quick trips, keeping in the car, beginners, and youth disc golfers. Below are tips to optimize your G-series usage, as well as showcasing standard GRIPeq features that shine on these smaller shoulder bags. G-Series Features Our G-Series disc golf bags differ from the…

August 11, 2023

How To Personalize Your Disc Golf Bag

You bought a disc golf bag, and now you’re ready to decorate it to match your personal style. Here are our top tips for keeping your disc golf bag in great shape while adding your own customization. Disc Golf Pins and Keychains At this point, you’ve probably noticed disc golf bags adorned with pins at…

A back view of someone wearing a black GRIPeq AX5 bag on their back. There is a keychain hanging from one of the zippers and the bag is full of discs with the front flap open and tucked inside.
The GRIPeq wordmark

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